Pacific Electronic specializes in the repair and overhaul of a wide spectrum of avionics
equipment, ground-based electronic systems for military applications. To enable customers to maintain flight readiness, the company has the following depot repair capabilities:
  • AN/ALR69 Radar Warning receiver and Power Supplies
    (Application: Multi-Aircraft)
  • AN/ALR56C & AN/ALR56M Radar Warning Receiver, Sub-Assemblies and Power Supplies
    (Application: F15)
  • APG 66 & APG 68 fire Control Radar, LPRFs and SRUs
    (Application: F16)
  • F5 Stability Augmentation Component Assembly
    (LRUs, SRUs & Flight Line Test Box)
  • Communication & Navigation Systems – Flight Control Computers and Ground Support Equipment
  • Flight Control Systems & High Voltage and Low Voltage Power Supplies (F16 HUD)

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